Complaining about price will not help, you must
stop paying those prices. Show big box, national
chains, that you will stand up for lower prices.
Note from owner---

I've been working in the tuxedo rental field for over 21 years.
While I'm not perfect or know everything, I do know what is
needed to make sure your wedding or event is a success. As
the owner of the store, I can assure you that your order will
be handled by myself at numerous points during serving.

The proper servicing of your tuxedos reflects on my store
and myself...ask that of a big box employee and you will not
get the same feeling.

Me and my wife take pride in our store, product and service.
We ask that you come and see our store before choosing
the big box chains.

Stephen & Ticy Schaffer

Experience over volume! We don't do more, we do better!
This year I chose to visit my local
Men's Wearhouse.

What I found was amazing...the following
is opinion based on findings within the
store and my experience with in the store.

I looked at the options set forth for the
most popular fit right now (Slim Fit).
There was very few options with regards
to color of coats and lapel layout. It is a
matter of FACT that my store offers many
more coat styles to choose from. Next
vest selection, they once again had a
very small color / patter
n pallet. Tuxedos
To You, offers hundreds more vest
options! We also offer all inclusive price,
that includes everything you need. We do
not itemize each item.

Compare Below
MW Prom Discount $30 / Tux2u $50
MW Damage Waiver $10 / Tux2u $8
MW Pocket Square $12.50+ / Tux2u $10
MW Socks $7.50+ / Tux2u
MW Shoes $30 / Tux2u Black Shoes FREE
Tux2u Pants FREE
Vest / Tie FREE
Studs & Cufflinks FREE

*Basic socks when you rent pocket sq
<---- Coat
<---- Pants
<---- Shirt
Vest ---->
Bow Tie ---->
<---- Shoes
Pocket Sq. ---->
<---- Socks
Lapel Rose ----->
<---- Studs & Cufflinks
This rental is for a Vera Wang
Slim Fit w/ textured lapel

We offer the same style from
Michael Kors

I was told they offer two shirts per
rental. We do not as this adds to
your cost, don't think you get
something for free. Even if the shirt
is listed as free your going to pay
for it in the other prices
Lets remove the Lapel Flower &
Socks from the order

Less - $7.50
Less - $15.00

Rental Is Now;

Plus $10 Damage Waiver
Plus Tax 7%

- 30 Fit Rewards
(You have to sign up for)

16.27 Tax

Total Rental

Tuxedos To You Price


This is once again without the
Lapel Flower & Socks
That they will try to have you get!
$272.88 / Men's Wearhouse
Tux2u Price w/ Pocket Sq.
(Less Socks & Lapel Rose) / $201.15
Thank you to Logan Pederson for
allowing us to publish your name and
info on the receipt without the need to
black out portions of it this year!
ALL SLIM FIT STYLES / $169.99 after discount
New STYLES Below!!!